Woven Landscapes2019-10-23T15:27:07-03:00


Section Manager Romy Hecht M.

Plot. Patch. Park. Common. Garden. Botanic garden. Ground. Green.
Different formats for the same problem.
Landscape is a history problem.
Landscape is a toponymy problem.



At a time when the lack of urban visions is claimed, we must stop acting as survivors who intend to overcome a borderline situation by “collecting water in plastic buckets.” We need to overcome our historical blindness and recognize the efforts that have been already made to articulate relationships between infrastructure, program and imagined urban futures, understanding the landscape project first as a figure that has been able to structure territorial transformations and create new landscapes where there was no “official” space for it; second, as a possible solution to specific problems such as public; and third, as a model of land development and conversion of obsolete urban ecologies. This approach allows, consequently, to position the landscape epistemologically and technically as the base structure capable of defining the transformation logic of urban forms.

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