LOF·drone for LOFscapes
(Text, Video, and Photography: Camila Romero I. and Romy Hecht M./ Editing: Veronica Aguirre L. / Music: “Satellite Anthem Icarus” by Boards of Canada)

Located in the community of Litueche, in the Region of Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins and a little more than 200 km southeast of Santiago, Topocalma is a beach of 5 km in length. The beach is exposed to persistent winds that have no stable pattern of behavior, turning it into what surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers alike have named “the white beast.” 

The truth is that the undulating plain of rather grayish, fragile and constantly suspended sands reminds us that landscape is the result of the interrelation between physical geography and historical and sociocultural processes, between nature and man, between nature and culture. 

It is in this perception of Topocalma as a landscape that changes over time and in time that it emerges from its own configuration.  From its topographical or climatic conditions, it is characterized through individual and collective attempts, intentions and perceptions. 

DIRECTIONS: Until December 2013, access was limited to connecting through Hacienda Topocalma, but despite the construction of 8 km of public roads, the site continues to be difficult to access mainly due to the sheer rock walls that frame it. From Santiago, take the Autopista del Sol to San Antonio. Then, take the fork to Melipilla and then the road towards what is called the Cruce de las Arañas. From that point, take the road to the Rapel Power Plant until arriving to the town of Litueche. Then, follow the road for 30 km to Hacienda Topocalma.

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