Futurize: Panorama and Matter2019-10-25T18:50:02-03:00


Section Manager Camila Medina N.

Thinking about the city implies talking about landscape because the landscape is where the inhabitants have a dialogue with the milieu. Landscape, in turn, is not understood without time, because it is determined by natural and cultural forces. Temporality, in material terms, is visualized as flows. Landscape, then, will not have a single definition, either formal nor verbal.

Here, Panorama refers to a dilated landscape observed, a composite landscape, or a potential landscape. It implies the amplitude of pre-existing limits to talk about the imagined. And Matter refers to the tactile, the human, and the sensory. It investigates the functioning of the elements, thus the connection and the interaction of the parts.

Futurize, then, is the without-shape space that combines panorama and matter, imagination and function, to understand the assumptions as research and projection systems. It is a place where, based on what has been found and what exists, to break the landscape paradigms to rebuild them from a critical perspective on the contemporary scene. Futurize is to define the concept of Landscape again and again.

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