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(Video and Text: Camila Romero I. / Editing and Photography: Verónica Aguirre L. and Camila Romero I.)

Inserted in the mountain range of the Cordillera de la Costa, Boyeruca Lagoon is itself the boundary between the Sixth and Seventh Regions. Geographically, it corresponds to a low sloping plain surrounded by hills, whose proximity to the sea and the plain’s low level with respect to the sea allow that, at certain times and through a feeding channel, it is filled with salt water when the tide rises. This condition is precisely what makes it conducive to artisanal production of coastal salt.

Outside the logic of agro-industrialization, this extractive occupation responds more to a logic that reveals understanding and management of the processes and dynamics of the territory in question. This relationship is understandable to the extent that the Boyeruca Lagoon is recognized as the center of the economic and cultural life of its inhabitants; time changes and is measured around the seasonality of the place’s natural processes, and its cycles dictate times for production.

The salt system works based on a succession of pools – or salt pans − of approximately 600 m2 with different characteristics and functions according to the production stage. A network of channels takes the water from the sea to the system of pools, where it evaporates when passing from one pool to the next until salt is formed in the areas that border the road and is then harvested and stacked to finish drying.

The value of this artisanal production system lies not only in its obvious cultural and heritage value, but also in the close relationship that it evidences and establishes with natural processes. Its dynamics are not antagonistic or opposing forces, but rather comprehend a sense of cooperation, which contribute to constructing the productive landscape of salt.

WHERE: Villages of Boyeruca (Seventh Region) and Lo Valdivia (Sixth Region)

TIMES: Salt production takes place between September and March. When the water level drops due to the decrease in rainfall, the preparation of the production system begins.

(1-8) Salinas de Boyeruca (Salt flats of Boyeruca) © Camila Romero I. for LOFscapes
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